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Climatiseurs centraux FS4BG

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Extra-high efficiency cooling in a very quiet model.


Frigidaire, up to 25.5 SEER, iQ Drive® Air Conditioner

  • Unique: This air conditioner is different from most other air conditioners on the market because it utilizes an inverter-driven rotary compressor. The inverter system allows the unit to modulate from 40% to 118% of capacity to exactly offset the cooling demands on the home. Because it does not turn on and off as frequently as a standard air conditioner, the iQ Drive system can achieve extremely high efficiency levels.
  • Quiet Operation: This iQ Drive air conditioner operates at some of the industry's lowest sound levels – all the way down to 59 decibels.
  • Dehumidification Mode: Because of this air conditioner's iQ Drive technology, it can run longer at lower levels. This provides additional dehumidification assistance and increased home comfort.
  • Innovative Controller: This unit uses the iQ Drive-specific controller for complete control over your indoor environment. Get maintenance reminders, a programmable comfort schedule and additional perks with this premium thermostat.
  • Green: Because of its energy efficiency and high-end comfort features, this unit qualifies for our ecoLogic® green seal.
  • Quality Made: Factory checked 144 times before being shipped.

The efficiency levels achieved by the FS4BI are truly outstanding. The technology employed in this smart unit is award winning. In fact, it has been voted a top choice by a leading consumer magazine.